GetLoFi Dub Siren

Remember those kick ass noise-making key chains from the 1990s? If you can and remember the classic siren and laser sounds, then this mod is right up your alley. With a little circuit bending and DIY work, the Dub Siren Box became a reality.

Each pad is wired to an eight position selector switch. The pitch resistor is replaced with a linear pot. One push button is used to replace the original eight and another is used for mute. Plug the 1/4inch jack into a delay pedal and you’re ready to rock.

After watching the video, I was a little let down. It’s just a dude shifting the pitch of a key chain with a delay pedal. Since it’s mostly the delay pedal doing all the work, you could probably achieve similar results with a microphone, delay pedal and amplifier.

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