Get you music on 200dB without waking up anyone: Yamaha Sound Projector


Yamaha has been working on an interesting sound delivery technology with their sound systems, they call this the “Sound Beam”, which essentially is a more focused chain of sound wave adjusted to give the loudest intensity to the listener and the listener only. With that, you will still be able to listen to your music at a house party with everybody screaming around, and your music will pretty much not be affected or affect the background music. If you feel like turning up your system to full power in the middle of the night you can definitely do that with these Yamaha Sound Projectors, because the beam will only be focused on to the spot you sit, everybody else in the house should not be affected. These Sound Projectors can still support and reproduce REAL 5.1 channels surround sound (real, not virtual, in one body, yes), it can also make use of the walls and ceilings in your house to have the beams bounce off, the system only takes 3 minutes to optimize itself for your room. These sound projectors are mainly used for connecting with your TV, they are currently priced at 825USD in Japan. —Sam Chan

Press release [Yamaha Japan]

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