Get Ticketed, Get A Free Headset

If a cop pulls you over for nothing more than driving while calling work to let them know you’ll be a little late, don’t piss yourself just yet. Just because you’ve been ticketed for a traffic violation involving cellphone use whilst driving doesn’t mean you’re in the shitter just yet. You might be able to get a free Bluetooth headset out of it.

Like the Google Prius, you can laugh in a cop’s face. But, not because you work for a multi-billion dollar company that’ll take care of the ticket for you but because is giving away free headsets to anyone caught driving while on their cellphone. A free Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth headset for, depending on what state you’re in, a hundred dollar ticket, sounds like a steal. Take it over to Best Buy to get it set up for $10. Now, that’s a steal.

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