Geekiest Ringtone Ever? Star Trek Theme? No. TED Conference Ringtones


Look at you over there. Thinking you’re part of the geek elite because you downloaded some polyphonic bullshit ringtone, probably either the Star Trek or Battlestar theme. That’s for posers, dood. The real cool geeks are flocking to a new source for their ringtone fix. If you’ve never heard of the TED conference, it’s pretty much an annual event where the most elite geeks get together and listen to presentations from the upper echelon of geek speakers. For example, this year featured presentations from such alpha geeks as Bill Gates of Microsoft fame and Twitter’s Evan Williams.

The real news though, lies in the newly featured TED ringtones. Featured so far are tones for both the “TEDTalks Phase II” and “TEDTalks Classic” jingles, available in both MP3 and M4R formats. And more are planned for release soon. If you want to be on top of your geek game, you’ve got to be down with the TED. You down with TED? Yeah, you know me.


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