Gearfuse Father’s Day Picks

Father's Day Picks

May has come and gone and June has arrived. Mom got what she wanted and now it’s time for pops to get his loot. We here at Gearfuse decided that each writer should pick 5 items we feel would make excellent Father’s Day gifts. We assembled everything and the end result is this bastard of a list. Hopefully, you’ll find something that’ll put a smile on your father’s face. Let’s go!

Vince’s Picks

Mozilla Firefox 3

Mozilla Firefox 3

Price: Free

Who says you have to spend money to help your father out? Give dad the gift of secure web browsing with one of the most popular browsers on Earth. Show him the way of the plug-in and eventually you may even be able to ween him onto Linux. Hah. Don’t push it.

Dogfish Head Belt-Buckle Bottle-Opener

Dogfish Head Belt-Buckle Bottle-Opener

Price: $26

Delaware-based Dogfish Head brewery makes some seriously strong beer. I gave my father a six-pack of the 90 Minute IPA last year and ever since then, his refrigerator has always been stocked with it. Show your brew-drinkin’ pappy that you mean business with this beautiful belt-buckle from Dogfish Head. It had a built-in bottle-opener to ensure a beer will never go unopened.

Kid Robot x COLAB Sunglasses

Price: $145

Teach the old man some style. These limited-edition Kid Robot sunglasses have a vintage look fused with touches that give them a Kid Robot look. Available in blue, white and pink, one size fits all and if your father is a swinger, he’s bound to get some better tail.

Osprey ReSource Series Revo Backpack

Osprey ReSource Series Revo Backpack

Price: $59

Osprey designs their ReSource backpacks with our planet in mind. Available in multiple colors, the Revo is the perfect size for any occasion. Plus, it’s made out of recycled materials and (in theory) should be recycleable once you’re finished with it. Plenty of organizers, comfortable feel and even a little pocket for your father’s iPod or ancient cellphone make this a no-brainer gift if you’re stuck.

Hector Dome Lamp

Hector Dome Lamp

Price: $205

As I mentioned previously on Gearfuse, the Hector Dome lamp really has that classic look. From experience with my father, these kinds of desk lamps seem to bring out the best in men. Maybe it’s because a well-lit workspace equals productivity.

Ryan’s Picks

Arcadia Contract Modular Office Furniture

Arcadia Contract Modular Office Furniture

Price: Varies depending on model, quantity and size. The number on their website connects you to a friendly customer service representative who’ll be glad to assist you in pricing needs. Don’t expect it to be cheap as the conference room table at 48″x120″ goes for around $5,209.

Let’s face the facts: your dad’s office furniture smells like something died inside the cushioning. No worries, because Father’s Day is just around the corner and Arcadia Contract has a cool line of modular office furniture that’s sure to make any clientele never want to leave the waiting room ever again. They come in a nearly unlimited assortment of colors, shapes and designs that’ll have your dad’s coworkers kicking themselves for not redesigning their own office sooner. Everything from conference room, guest seating and even benches are offered by Arcadia Contract, so check it out before one of your siblings one-ups you.

WMF 1 Coffee Machine

WMF 1 Coffee Machine

Price: $215

This one-button operated coffee machine is sure to complete your father’s morning ritual quick and efficiently. With an integrated water tank, the WMF 1 ensure that every cup brewed will be a fresh one. It even comes in four different colors: stone, green, red and yellow. The trim eye-catching design will no doubt make a fine discussion piece for a whole minute. After that, your father will be too busy drinking coffee to care about what you have to say.

Ice Dozer Ergonomic Ice Scraper

Ice Dozer Ergonomic Ice Scraper

Price: $19

Your dad’s a busy man who needs to get to work on time. He can’t afford to have mother nature snow on his parade (or his car for that matter.) Ice Dozer is not your average ice scraper. It’s designed to take care of ice and frost stuck to your car 2-3 times faster than most regular ice scrapers. The blade is 7″ wide and has a flexible edge that conforms to the curvature of your windshield. No ice is safe from the jagged teeth on this thing. If you live in an area with harsh winters, your father will thank you dearly for this scraper.

Radio Control Beverage

Radio Control Beverage/Snack Float

Price: $50

Does pops enjoy relaxing by the pool like most normal human beings? Then the radio control beverage/snack float is an ideal and affordable gift for this Father’s day. The float can hold up to five drinks and has a center bowl perfect for nachos. Now dad can serve all his swimming buddies drinks without even getting wet. Just make sure the men don’t get too rowdy, as the float can tip over in the event of an intense water polo match.

ESPN Universal Remote

[amazon link=”B00198LRPE” title=”ESPN “The Ultimate Remote” Universal Remote“]

Price: $299.99

The sports loving dad will go crazy for the Wi-Fi enabled ESPN Ultimate Remote. It has a screen with an Apple-esque menu system, built-in Wi-Fi, home theater management, control of IP-based equipment and one-touch access to Internet content. Oh, did I mention you can send text messages with this thing? Yeah, and you can even browse the Internet and check your e-mail with it. Christ, is there anything this remote can’t do? It’s got a steep price tag for a remote, but c’mon, it’s your father and it is Father’s day – remember where you came from.

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