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Murder Ink: For Your Most Sinister Grocery Lists

Murder Ink is not your average notepad and is certainly not for the weak at heart. Meant for only your most evil of memos and most sinister of grocery lists, the Murder Ink Notebook leaves a bloody surprise for your loved ones or co-workers. Depending on where you work this might not go over as well. If you work in ...

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AquaNotes: Waterproof Notebook for the Shower

I get some of my best ideas in the bathroom. Usually my time in the lavatory is spent trying to clear my mind from the stresses of the day. It just so happens that it’s these moments when I’m free to think and ponder. I usually forget most of my best bathroom material, mostly because there’s no way for me ...

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Gearfuse Father’s Day Picks

May has come and gone and June has arrived. Mom got what she wanted and now it’s time for pops to get his loot. We here at Gearfuse decided that each writer should pick 5 items we feel would make excellent Father’s Day gifts. We assembled everything and the end result is this bastard of a list. Hopefully, you’ll find ...

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