Gear Skins For Label Whores

Music Skins (a.k.a. GelaSkins) collaborated with streetwear label Lemar and Dauley to create a line of covers for laptops, iPods, iPhones, and plain old cellphones. All of the skins are emblazoned with Lemar and Dauley’s rainbow skyline logo. I dig the skyline drawing on the skins, but I don’t see why anyone besides a major label whore would want two other dudes’ names on their electronics.

These Lemar and Dauley skins are made with specialty 3M vinyl that’s less than 2mm thick with residue-free adhesive that allows for worry-free removal when you want a new look for your gear. Music Skins also has downloadable wallpapers so you can match the screen of your device to it’s skin. After the jump, check out more photos the Lemar and Dauley line for Music Skins.


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