Folding Earforce X-52 Surround Sound gamer compact headphones

earforce x-52

Being a gamer and not having great quality sound is like listening to the radio in a domed metal room. Sure you can hear it, but you have to strain to make out the details. Many people would suggest that surround sound speakers are the answer, but your typical model is clunky and expensive. Turtle Beach has released its Earforce X-52s, which take gaming to the next level without being overly costly and unconventionally designed. The headphones can be folded into a compact space, which might not sound like much on typical headphones, but is almost nonexistent on surround sound gaming muffs. They also look super comfortable. Perfect for those long nights of World of Warcraft. Dual sub-woofers insure that every breath or utterance from a surrounding creature is heard before the average player would know of any presence. Check them out at the Turtle Head site and own them for $80. — Andrew Dobrow

Earforce X-52 [via PRWeb]

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