Fluffy Bunny Rabbits to Be Replaced in the Lab By Advanced Chips

While I might be a fan of eating all things cute and fuzzy, it’s when the name of science becomes involved that the line is crossed. I just can’t stomach the fact (at least I can’t stomach the fact as well as I can stomach their meat) that cute little bunny rabbits are wasting away in a lab, victims of awful shampoo and cosmetic experiments. Bunnies were born to be dirty!

Luckily for bunnies and my belly, scientists for L’Oreal and the Hurel Corporation have developed an advanced chip that simulates the behavior of skin cells, which basically translates to no more bunny testing.

The chip contains a layer of cultured human dendritic cells, a type of skin cell associated with immune response. When the skin comes in contact with an allergen, the dentritic cells migrate to the lymph nodes to alert the body of the problem and provoke an immune reaction.


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  1. Oooo yay! Save the bunnies!

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