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Fluffy Bunny Rabbits to Be Replaced in the Lab By Advanced Chips

While I might be a fan of eating all things cute and fuzzy, it’s when the name of science becomes involved that the line is crossed. I just can’t stomach the fact (at least I can’t stomach the fact as well as I can stomach their meat) that cute little bunny rabbits are wasting away in a lab, victims of ...

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Arduino Lilypad: Oversized Robotic Arm Directs Plants To Window

Your house plants are withering. You have two options: put them out in the sun or build a gigantic robotic arm that takes up half of your living space. Lively plants at the cost of sleeping in the bathtub doesn’t sound too bad either. The Bartlett School of Architecture showcased their “Experiments in Time” exhibit, which included this steel monstrosity ...

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