Flexible polymer wallet saves money


You wanna do the right thing by your money? Keep it safe. Don’t go swimming with your wallet, or feed it to any amphibious mammals, or accidentally leave it in some random taxi cab. For the latter problem, you might be stuck, but the Dosh polymer wallet is made to last in a fight with the elements.

Made of waterproof polyurethane, the Dosh wallet is not only super strong, but looks pretty snazzy as well. It also looks like a lot of fun to bend and hold under a faucet. Why you’d be holding your wallet under the faucet is your business. Available for around $42. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Unfortunately I bought one of these, & speaking from firsthand experience, they arent useful at all. Just a gimmick- what am I expected to do with all my loose change now? if I pay for something with a $10 note for example, then get a handful of change in return, this wallet doesnt offer anywhere to store it. The “compartment” on the front inside is only 3mm deep. You cant put change in that! And when you open the compartment, all the change (only about $10 worth of $1 & $2 AUD coins fits in there) just falls everywhere. And there’s no clear plastic window in which to store a security or ID card in a clearly visible, quick way. Definitely a wallet to avoid. The Dosh wallet gets a 1 out of 10 score from me.

  2. jador se portmoné sije savé ou on pouvé le rouvé ba je lachéteré =)

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