Five Key Keyboard: Whack-A-Note


Some people have a hard time getting into one instrument. They set up training and practice schedules, only to be utterly bored within weeks, which leads people to create their own custom musical instruments. The Five Key Keyboard, or “Big Daddy”, is the creation of Michael Robson, described as a “circuit bent keyboard”.

There is no real explanation behind the workings of the 27″ x 52″ x 41″ device, but we envision some sort of pedal system, as well as modulation with the little knobbies on the side of the “Big Daddy”. Bonus points if you can create a piece of music using this machine and the hipDisk. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. OMG how big is that thing? If I was going to bring something that big to a practice I’ll just get an organ.

  2. @Robot Cartoons: Thanks for your question! I’ve added the size of the keyboard to the post. Thanks for reading.

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