First Person Video RC Kit


While the product is designed with RC model airplanes in mind, the Pilot View Realtime First Person Video system is an all-inclusive kit for the hobbyist that wants to take their project to the next level. You attach the kit to your plane, throw on the goggles and let loose. In turn, you can experience a view from the skies as if you were really flying around inside your aircraft.

Due out May 30th, the FPV doesn’t come cheap. Be prepared to dish out $550 for the ability to get a view from above. It shouldn’t be an issue if you’re already spending the cash on $1000+ RC airplanes. Broke? You could always give this RC spy kit a go.

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  1. Read up on these types of products on and This product is very interesting and similar to the aerial video type products discussed heavily on these sites but with the first person twist.

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