Facebook Reveals A Non-Profit Donate Button!

In the newest reveal from Facebook, they have launched a donate button for non-profit pages that collects its own information for billing.

FB Donate

In an effort to make life easier for non-profit pages, Facebook has launched a donate now button that will collect donations. What else will this button do? Well, according to the latest release article, it will also collect credit card numbers and billing information for Facebook.

To begin with, 19 non-profit partners will begin displaying the donate buttons on their Facebook pages as well as on the bottom of their news feed posts. Among the companies using the donate button are: Boys and Girls Club of America, UNICEF, Red Cross and DonorsChoose.org. After this initial roll out period, the donate function will be opened to other non-profit organizations.

Why is the new donate button such a “good” thing? Well, for companies asking for donations it is a good thing because it allows for them to take donations from Facebook users without redirecting them away from Facebook. The button utilizes a pop up to request the donations and they will not be asking for a processing fee for credit card donations, rather, Facebook will be covering these processing fees themselves.

Is there a bad side to this donate button?  Well, there is always the consideration of just how private the donation information that is collected will be. How secure will Facebook keep its users personal information? We can’t say but there will always be a degree of uncertainty when personal information is collected and Facebook isn’t known for being the most secure of locations when it comes to protecting members personal details.

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