Facebook Places: No Check In Button? Don’t Worry, It’s a Common Issue (Updated: 3.2.1 Bug Fixes)

UPDATE: The newest Facebook app update released (3.2.1), the second update in less than 12 hours, seems to remove this problem. Most people who were not seeing a check in button will now see a “this feature will be available in your region soon” message with the newest bug fix update. At least, that’s the case for me.

I thought I was alone. For most of the day I was under the impression that there was something hopelessly wrong with my phone or application or possibly both. A missing check in button. Of course! “Only me,” I said as I shook my head. I attempted to see if I was truly alone earlier this morning, but the feature was still too fresh to really get any hard info. But now, I have confirmed that not having the “Check In” button in the Facebook iPhone app, is actually a result of the rollout of the feature.

The reason it seemed so damning at first was because I wasn’t receiving any sort of regional or non-availability warnings like other people. There was simply a missing check in button. But others have reported the same issue and it’s just a matter of more of us getting the feature rolled out to us. Whether the check in button will simply appear once the feature is rolled out to the rest of us or if we’ll need to download another update is unclear at this point. I’d lean towards the former though. So just keep checking! Eventually you should be able to check in to Facebook Places like your other friends who choose to tease you with their luck.

The good news is that some of you with this issue might be able to solve it relatively easy. Some users are reporting that logging out of their account on Facebook’s iPhone app and then logging back in resulted in the appearance of the check in button. Didn’t work for me, but maybe you’ll have more luck.

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  1. Logging out/in worked for me.

    My guess: Think the rollout only enables it on login. If you were enabled as of when you downloaded the update, the button would have appeared then. If you were enabled after the update, you’ll need to log out/in to get the button to actually show up.

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