Facebook Block Party Gets Out of Control, Dude’s Life is in Danger

A University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student named Jimmy Lemke tried to plan a block party on Facebook and now he’s in hot water with school officials, his neighbors, and the local SWAT team.

Jimmy’s party was planned for tonight, but it got shut down by authorities when over 5,000 people joined the group inviting guests to the event. Lemke says he wanted to have the bash to spread school spirit. School staff and local law enforcement say they will hold Jimmy Lemke personally responsible and may even expel him if people still show up to party. Because of this, he’s made several attempts to reach out to his fellow students via e-mail and the Facebook informing them that the party had been cancelled and begging them not to come.

Jimmy and the authorities still worried people might still try to have a party. Lemke says school officials have told him that SWAT teams and mounted police officers are planning to show up at the location where the party was supposed to be.

By tomorrow morning, the world will know if any rogue Facebookers still tried to have an illegal kegger and get Jimmy Lemke kicked out of school. We’ll keep you posted. Personally, I’m keeping my fingers crossed hoping that Jimmy survives the weekend and lives to party on another day. Good luck Jimmy!


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  1. is the price of a plane ticket worth putting poor little Jimmy Lemke away?

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