Facebook App Teaches You a New Language — For a Price

Instead of spending hours on Facebook watering your Farmville crops or having totally inappropriate conversations on “Vampire Wars”, why not actually do something productive?
Facebook app “PlaySay” has already enjoyed some success on mobile platforms, offering a simple easy-to-adapt interface for learning a new language. PlaySay has an interesting method — using images to represent the fundamental concepts of language learning. It actually allows you to deconstruct your own status updates, word for word (or image for image, if you prefer).
Of course, the developers of this app have to make money somehow. PlaySay uses the Facebook credit system to offer bonuses, as well as the ability to unlock new levels. Paying players will also enjoy a wider variety of learning tools.
See, that’s what you get for being productive. You actually have to pay for things. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

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