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Social Gaming Sinks to a New Low: Zynga Convinces Users to Fervently Collect Poo

FrontierVille has really taken off as of late. With an active user base of 16.3 million monthly gamers and growing, Zynga might just have another Farmville on their hands. FrontierVille users were recently greeted with a new incentive. Poo collection. Yes. Poo collection. The new Manure Collection allows users to collect an assortment of animal fecal matter and share it ...

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The Rise of Social Gaming and Zynga (with Infographic Goodness)

Farmville is no longer just a Facebook sensation. Soon enough Zynga’s going to be porting their benchmark farming game for the iPhone. Once the iPhone version is released, forget it, there’s going to be no way to avoid it. So all of us farm haters better just get used to it. Even without the iPhone, Zynga has all but dominated ...

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