EXTREME NERDY SPOILER: Real Cloverfield Monster Screenshot Animation!


While we haven’t covered anything involving the massive internet hysteria that has been caused by the J.J. Abrams produced Cloverfield, we’ve been following the viral stuff and all of the hype behind the scenes. Today, we bring to you a very real screenshot animation of the Cloverfield monster. Let the blogosphere unleash its wrath! Hit the jump for the full spoiler animation. You’ve been warned!


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  1. yup thats him saw a midnight viewing. It was a good flick but i dont think with all the hype it could EVER live up to all of it.

  2. Ficking awesome. I can’t wait to see this movie tonight!

  3. Worst movie ending ever.

  4. I thought the movie was great. Kept me on the edge of my seat, great acting, great monster scenes….and ended with the possibility of a sequal!!!


  5. i agree with david but it didn’t quite answer all my questions still a great flick

  6. I thought it was a great movie. It was a nice change from the typical movies that they’re making now. WAY better then Godzilla remake and King Kong. I know it tee’s people off when all there questions don’t get answered, but that’s what makes J.J. such a great director. Shows enough action to keep the movie exciting, and shows enough monster(s) at the right time to keep your interest. I like the fact that the main character’s died. I liked it in the fact that it was realistic. The odd’s of beating that thing are slim, so who ever had a chance of dying, actually did…not like other Hollywood movies where they live through everything. BEST movie I’ve seen in a long time, and deffinetly worth seeing on the big screen with the big sound.

    4.75 / 5 (the .25 is just for not answering all my questions…but that also makes things interesting)

    Think there will be a sequal?

  7. http://www.filmschoolrejects.com/news/cloverfield-update-fans-draw-the-cloverfield-monster.php copy and paste the link trust me the stuff there supports the stuff here lol

  8. Sorry if I’m repeating;
    Is it fair to assume that “multiple sightings” of “codename cloverfield” refer not to the monster, but to the UFO ish splash at the end of the movie? I think that the sequels will have plenty of white coats in them and lots of back story and explanations.

  9. @Dave:

    “that’s what makes JJ such a great director”

    Matt Reeves actually directed Cloverfield, JJ produced it. Common misconception.

  10. I want to mention somthing about how the monster arrived at New York that i have not seen mentioned yet. At the end of the movie when the tape cuts back to Coney Island, the camera is turned and shoots video of the ocean. If you look to the right of the screen you can see a large object hitting the water and creates a huge splash. I think this is the alien coming to earth. Did anyone else see this?

  11. I thought that, too… at first.

    Turns out that, according to the producers, the creature had been sleeping under the sea for ages. The object was a falling satellite, which sunk underwater and awakened the monster.

  12. i was diapointed when i found out it wasant zilla but the monster the monster was still cool,i saw the movie on saturday

  13. Ive heard a manga is going 2 be released aboout cloverfield that may give us some background about the creature….and i want 2 learn more about SLUSHO…a drink supposed 2 be intertwined into it…dont know but they are talking about releaseing a slusho drink 2 the public so…cant wait 2 find out…(movie was good lots of room 4 sequel).

  14. Awful. I had high expectations for this movie going in but when I realized the whole movie was going to be through a video camera some dumbass was holding (I prayed he would die through the whole movie) my hopes dropped. I respect the attempt at originality and suspense but I genuinely hated this movie.

  15. wow, that is the bggest spoiler ever cause that is when the when the cameraman gets fuckin torn to shreds.

  16. omfg that movie was so freaking awesome. my friend says it sucked but he’s a loser. al the pics on google look nothing like the real monster. can’t wait til it comes out on dvd. such an awesome movie

  17. I thought the film was fantastic.
    Would have liked to have seen the monster vapourised and turned to slosh, digged it, i thought the way the film ended was worthy of watching it in itself thank god it wasn’t another sooky we beat another monster ending. Manhattan was gone POOF!
    Hopefully a sequel will come out with more freeky monsters arriving to save there vapourised buddy and they can trash a continent or two!

  18. i think cloverfield is actully happening in texas there was a oil refinery explosion. a witness said 20min later she said the herd a roar it was on cnn (go to google news for info and type texas explosion). now theres a satalite falling that will probally fall some time by march

  19. motion sickness is a problem with this movie!

    you are all warned!

  20. I thought it was fantastically shot and edited for the, reported, $25M. Other sites have it at $50M plus marketing, but either way there’s plenty of other movies – US Godzilla and I Am Legend spring to mind – that are crap in comparison. Money notwithstanding,I think it was great. I thought revealing the monster over time from teasing frames and angles to the eventual full blown close up was timed very well. The actors were great (just ’cause they aren’t paid $20M doesn’t mean they are no good), lighting was fantastic, pacing was spot on and dialogue was totally believable – except I think there would be more swearing in real life (damn those sensors!)). The personal aspect of the way it was shot made it easy to suspend disbelief and immerse yourself in the “OMG we are f**ked now” feeling that made for permanent suspense in the film. Only bad thing to say is that I would have liked the end credits background “military” titles to have confirmed that there was a free BBQ for all to be had in Central Park on roasted Alien ass and to bring some salsa!!

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