Expert Tips To Find The Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses

Fashion is ever-changing, and while influencers have a massive impact on changing trends in recent years, there’s also the impact of the fashion cycle. Because the fashion cycles ensure that outdated styles resurface some years later, some trends are almost predictable. However, following influencers and mimicking their style choices won’t help you find the perfect pair of sunglasses, and neither will paying attention to the fashion cycle. Because you are a unique individual with personal style and distinctive facial features, you will need to consider specific factors before mimicking trends. These expert tips will help you narrow down the effort of finding the perfect pair of sunglasses.


Your Prescription Needs

Even though most would assume that sunglass lenses don’t have to be prescription lenses, if you wear prescription lenses, you should maintain your eyesight needs even when wearing sunglasses. For this reason, you should always have your chosen frames fitted with prescription lenses or choose from a selection of trendy women’s prescription sunglasses.

Your Face Shape

Just as you would consider your face shape when choosing your regular prescription lenses, you should do the same when picking out sunglasses. Some frame trends will look great on one face shape, while the same design can degrade the best features of another face shape. As a general standard, heart face shapes can opt for larger-sized frames and cat-eye designs that balance the unique shape of your face. Oval face shapes can opt for rectangle frames, bold round frames, and square frames. Square face shapes should stick to sunglass frames that are heavier on the top, thinner frames, and round frames. 

Considering The Trends

Once you have found the best frame design for your face shape, you can get creative with colors, embellishments, and lense overlays. Currently, mirrored and tinted lenses are trending, while unique decorations are also making waves. Cat-eye sunglasses, aviator revamped frames, and 70s style sunglasses are also making quite a comeback this year. However, the most prominent trend is color-tinted sun shades, and there is no specific frame design to restrict the trend. 

Complimenting Your Personal Style

Like any accessory, sunglasses can make or break any outfit. If you are pulling off an elegant outfit, small skinny sunglasses might be the best choice. On the other hand, larger oversized frames go well with more casual outfit choices. It would be best if you always considered your style when choosing sunglasses that complement the majority of your outfit choices. Because there are so many frame styles to choose from, you should also consider investing in a few different pairs to ensure you always have the perfect pair for your outfit for the day.

Sunglasses are necessary even if you don’t need prescription lenses, as the sun can cause irreversible eyesight damage. For this reason, you should also avoid low-quality sunglasses that won’t have frames that are capable of protecting your eyes from the impacts of the sun. Always consider quality over quantity when purchasing sunglasses, as you may just find one pair that compliments your personal style and is more than enough to keep your eyes protected until the trends change yet again. 

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