How To Dress Up During Formal Events

When you get invited to attend a formal event, it can be confusing to know what to wear. Instead of calling all the guests what do they plan to wear or bringing a costume change, you can follow these tips to dress your best at any formal events. 

Wear your Black Dress 

Know your business

No matter what the occasion is, the little black dress will make you look awesome even without trying. When in doubt of what to wear, choose to slip on your black dress. Dress it up or down and no one will dare look at you sideways. 

Wear your Comfortable Heels 

There is a possibility that your feet will be sored during formal events and you must not take this for granted. With all the socializing and mingling taking place, it will be hard on your feet. This is true if you are wearing the tight wedge or stilettos. Thus, see to it that you wear your comfortable footwear before going into the events. Choose a shoe with the thickest heel that matches your dress. With thick heels, it can be able to support your body better and provide balance. 


If you are not 100% sure what to wear during the formal gathering, it is best to overdress than to underdress. This is true when the dress you wear matters for special occasions. When you are overdressed, you can receive compliments from other guests. Wear your best dress with a pink diamond. Sometimes, you can also become the best-dressed guest. This is not the worst thing that will remind you of the event. 

Create Statement with Jewelry 

Upgrade any outfit by wearing fabulous jewelry. With this, it can help your outfit to look stylish. If you are overdressed, you can opt not to wear your jewelry and keep it in your purse. You can try wearing a simple dress with a stunning necklace or pink diamond. Wear a slimming pantsuit with hoop earrings. 

Understand the Event Invite 

Spend a few minutes to determine who sent you the formal event invitation and what is it for. Is it your friend who is organizing a party? There is a big chance that she expects you to exert some effort in your formal attire. With this, you can select to wear a long gown which highlights your curves. 

Is the invite from colleagues, workmates, or boss that you are trying to impress? Then you must keep your look classic and refined. You can select to wear a high-neck gown which will make you look sophisticated. Are you attending the New Year’s Eve party? Say goodbye to your past by rocking a red frock. 

Keep Balance 

When an event is described as formal, this means that it will a refined and elegant affair. If it’s overwhelming, then it won’t be welcomed. Thus, always make sure that you keep your outfit appropriate. Lace and sequins are good, but make sure that you wear a longer hem so you won’t look like you going to a nightclub. If you wish to wear a daring neckline, choose a neutral color dress like white, black, and beige. Indeed, this is all about balance. 

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