Exhaust Air Jack Is An Accident Waiting To Happen


If you don’t know how to use a traditional jack, you can be putting yourself in a pretty shitty situation when you get a flat tire. Using the jack wrong could leave you with a scratched paint job and even a damaged axle. The Exhaust Air Jack takes away from the metal-on-metal damage factor, yet adds in a whole new risk factor to the mix.

Sure, the Exhaust Air Jack does a seemingly decent job of lifting your car, but does it not matter that it’s lifting your car, with the vehicle still running? Catching all of the flammable, toxic gases inside of a condensed balloon, with the car still running, doesn’t sound much safer or efficient to us then a typical jack. It might just save you some time though, as filling the Air Jack only takes about 30 seconds. Get yours for around $120. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. I’ve never used one of these before, the idea is intriguing. Your comment that it is “an accident waiting to happen”, caught my eye. I’m an avid offroader, and I’ve been in several situations where it’s necessary to change a tire on a very steep incline, and also with the truck in an “off-camber” (sideways-tilted) orientation; absolutely the worst possible conditions. Using the factory jack was not an option, and the “Hi-Lift” jack is so inherently dangerous and unstable, that one of these airjacks would have been the ticket. So compared to the existing options out there, I’d say this idea is much safer. It looks like someone come up with a better and safer alternative to the HiLift, which are truly dangerous. Ask any offroader who’s used one.

  2. This looks ok if you were off road, but I would use jack stands if I were using this to change a tire or work under a car. If the check valve fails or the bag develops a leak the car could fall down. You should use jack stands with any jack but it is especially true for this device.

  3. well theres an easy way to avoid the danger of the gases use an air compressor that you can buy at at store not the cheap small one but i mean a 2 or 3 gallon compressor and make and adapter and carry a power inverter because then you can use both your balloon and your impact

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