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Flat Light Bulb For Flat Rooms

Light bulbs have not gone under many changes in design since their invention. Besides the curly eco bulbs that have spread like wild fire since the awareness of an energy crisis, conventional light bulbs have always retained their shape. That is, until Korean designer Joonhuyn Kim redesigns the light bulb to his own liking. What he creates is a light ...

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A Sensor That Mimicks The Human Eye

We’ve seen artificial corneas that could replace damaged organic corneas, but how about a digital image sensor that adjusts itself like a human retina? That’s exactly what John Rogers at the University of Illinois is creating. An improved method of transferring silicon sensors onto a curved surface allowing for the sensor to capture wide-angle views with low distortion. Because it ...

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Exhaust Air Jack Is An Accident Waiting To Happen

If you don’t know how to use a traditional jack, you can be putting yourself in a pretty shitty situation when you get a flat tire. Using the jack wrong could leave you with a scratched paint job and even a damaged axle. The Exhaust Air Jack takes away from the metal-on-metal damage factor, yet adds in a whole new ...

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