Engine Case Mod with V8 power (not the vegetable juice)


Vroom, vroom. Gentleman, start your search engines! This V8-inspired (and no, it’s not the healthy yet delectable vegetable juice) Case Mod is one fast looking machine. Packed with eight valved madness, the Engine PC is a true original.

Complete with neon blue LEDs and racing flags, the V8 Case Mod is chromed out in phantasmal geekery. It looks as though the system is set up with two towers with an added CD drive on top. If we had the slightest bit of crafty talent, we’d make something like this too.


Andrew Dobrow


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  1. very good maan

  2. Can this be bought as a KIT…Empty & just ready for filling with all my parts..haha..

  3. inspirational, awesome, outstanding, cool, wow, artistic, sleek, beautiful, Desirable, Wooo Hooo. Watch out microsoft and apple, the future has arrived. This machine is genius.

  4. superbe machine, serait’il possible de savoir le lien pour acheter ce superde boitier?
    merci et encore magnifique

  5. Wow! That’s a machine!

    Although I think a black cd drive would have been better 😉

  6. chris ballinger

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaya that is so fucking cool

  7. I really want this case. Is it available for purchase?

  8. I love that blower! S gotta be fast!
    Reminds me of “Mad Max”

  9. I love that case , can you buy as an empty shell and fill it up with your own stuff???

  10. LOVE IT! Wish you could buy empty and build your own insides. SOOO AWSOME

  11. Where can i buy this case ?

  12. Is The Best…..

    Mantap tenan iki.

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