EchoStar Trying To Take Over Sirius-XM Radio


So you’ve got the debt-riddled satellite radio monopoly known as Sirius-XM and you’ve got veteran satellite pioneer EchoStar. EchoStar is trying to buy Sirius-XM but the company keeps rebuffing its offer. As a shareholder, I believe this is not in our best interests. Sirius-XM has yet to turn a profit and while its subscriber base is increasing, short-term money solutions are becoming a key issue. Some people, like the blog Orbitcast, seem to think that the solution is a Democrat-run FCC. I think we just need more lax anti-trust laws.

Do you use Sirius-XM? Worried about losing your Howard Stern? Chip in and let us know what you think is the right thing for Sirius-XM to do.


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