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Credit Card Rainbow Collage: Debt is Beautiful

Credit cards don’t mean much these days. For awhile they were so easy to get and use, despite your financial situation, that they have become a second currency, albeit a worthless one. Made using thousands of credit cards, freecards, discount carts and gift cards, the Credit Card Rainbow displays the varied colors of debt, in all of its majesty. Commissioned ...

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DIY iPhone Stand Will Eliminate Debt

Have a spending problem? Recession got you in a pinch? Go grab your wallet and your iPhone and I’ll teach you how to kill two things with one stone. Grab two credit cards from your wallet, preferably the two that still need to be paid off. Good, now get some scissors ’cause you’re cutting these fuckers up. Follow the instructions ...

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Breaking: Sirius-XM Saved By Liberty Media

The AP is reporting that Liberty Media, who had previously expressed interest in Sirius-XM, has signed a deal where it’ll invest $350 million in the failing satellite radio company. This comes right in the nick of time; Sirius had $175 million in bond payments due today, which would have no doubt sent the company into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Instead, Liberty ...

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EchoStar Trying To Take Over Sirius-XM Radio

So you’ve got the debt-riddled satellite radio monopoly known as Sirius-XM and you’ve got veteran satellite pioneer EchoStar. EchoStar is trying to buy Sirius-XM but the company keeps rebuffing its offer. As a shareholder, I believe this is not in our best interests. Sirius-XM has yet to turn a profit and while its subscriber base is increasing, short-term money solutions ...

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Allow Me To Pay You With Spider.gif

I spotted this on Tumblr last week, so I thought I’d share it with you guys. It’s the tale of a man trying to settle a debt by paying with a drawing of a spider. You’ve got to read this shit to believe it. I haven’t the slightest idea of where to begin… Link

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