Early preview of Samsung SPH-P9000 UMPC

samsung sph-p9000 umpc

For under $2000, you couldn’t do much better or more sleek. The unique tri-fold design is a genius idea to make the computer more compact. We can see the keyboard taking some time to get used to if you are not a fluent QWERTY typer, but that is worth the wait for the coolness factor the P9000 will bring you. This epitome of a mobile PC goes beyond your typical Palm or PDA, and integrates for a step up from the basic mobile, though still equipped with a cellphone. Now we get to see it in the moving pictures of cinema. Repeat after us: “I want…I want…I want one NOW!”. This “Butterfly” is one piece of gear we can’t wait is released from its cocoon. Video after the jump.

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Andrew Dobrow

Samsung SPH-9000 Demonstration [TechEBlog]

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  1. I think if Samsung made the Cellphone into a mouse, then they’d have something going. All they have to do is do some modficiations to the back side of the phone, then this product would be very feasible.

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