Dystopian steampunk filesharing grooves

YOU SAY PARTY’s “Lonely Lunch” video has got it all: off-the-grid filesharing, subcontinental slum-techno-chic, secret police in steampunk pestmeester helmets, and a plot that remixes District 9 and Children of Men. I only wish it ended with a big, tattoo-baring Bollywood dance number.

[via BoingBoing]

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  1. Uh, there’s nothing particuarly steampunk about this video. It’s pretty much straight-up cyberpunk.

  2. You’re right about cyberpunk´┐Żbut I used “steampunk” specifically in reference to the helmets, which have a bit (just a bit) of a steampunk flavor. And I live in Boston, the capital of steampunk, so I get to decide.

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