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Vintage Postcards Get a Taste of Science Fiction

There’s nothing that can’t be made more exciting by adding robots and aliens. That definitely includes boring, old vintage postcards. Flickr user Frano Brambilla uploaded a set of manipulated photos, featuring vintage post card scenes with a little added zesty flavor of sci-fi. There’s nearly 30 of these shots over at Flickr.

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Star Trek Bead And Thread Mosaics Make Every Deck A Holodeck

A classic line from Star Trek is “Beam me up, Scotti.” Using only colored beads and thread, avid Star Trek fan Devorah Sperber recreated the beaming up look, starring the one and only Captain Kirk, with William Shatner goodness. Sperber also uses her talent with beading to recreate the Star Trek Holodeck, a great entrance for your Star Trek Entertainment ...

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Digital Billboards add movement to extremely large ads

And we thought roadside advertising was already obtrusive into our lives! Cisco Systems plans to have a multi-billion dollar business running through digital billboards by 2010. Google and Coca-Cola, among others, have already shown their interest in extending their advertising wings to these massive animated billboards. Interestingly, these billboards are already technologically advanced enough to actually interact with the people ...

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Tree-inspired concept fridge: More a lemon than an apple

This thing is ugly. And by ugly, we mean that we would never let our kids eat something that came out of something that looks like a bad prop from a Ed Wood movie. But then again, almost every creation spewed by Yanko is a huge, useless piece of ugly. The designs they com up with are so deeply nestled ...

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Toaster Guitar Amp: Rock ’em til they’re burnt

We don’t know how the idea of turning toasters into guitar amps happened to spring to life, and we’re not sure if we want to know, but the result is one unique design for a rockers gear collection. Built on a simple foundation of a input/output jack, a 9 volt battery, and a small speaker, the Toaster Amp is a ...

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