Downloads Just Got Cuter with a Nyan Cat Progress Bar Mod

Admit it — one night, you discovered the infinite cuteness that is Nyan Cat. Once you saw Nyan Cat in all its glory, you were hooked. Well, now you can “Nyan” your computer with a downloadable application that turns progress bars into rainbow Nyan Cat.

Ben Stone is the creator of “Elevator Music”, an application that automatically plays music during computer processes that make you wait. Well, after seeing a thread on Reddit requesting a mod to turn progress bars into Nyan Cat, Ben realized that his application had a lot of features that could make this work. So, he developed a lightweight version of “Elevator Music” that has only one purpose — to display Nyan Cat (and play the Nyan song) when you see a progress bar.

So, if your workplace is one of the many that’s blocked Nyan Cat (seriously), you can mercilessly annoy your co-workers by copying files all day.

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