Doctor Who TARDIS Fridge Set


The Doctor Who TARDIS Fridge Set transforms your fridge into a fictional time machine, turning back time and making your leftovers fresh again. Goddamn! I love week-old casserole!

The whole set will run you $185, but it’s totally worth it. The set fully transforms your fridge, even turning the ice machine into the Free for The Public phone booth time.

I think I’m going to use my fridge to travel to the turn of the century. And then I’ll offer them a taste of both Coke and Pepsi to finally settle the debate on which actually tastes better. An unbiased crowd knows best.


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  1. I LOVE THIS !!!! I’m in need of a new fridge, raising 3 of my grandchildren, this would be perfect in my kitchen !!!! I’d love to see this in red to match my kitchen.

  2. SheWHOactuallywatchesDoctorWho

    Its THE Tardis…it does not simply come in red.

    nuff said.

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