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Doctor Who TARDIS Fridge Set

The Doctor Who TARDIS Fridge Set transforms your fridge into a fictional time machine, turning back time and making your leftovers fresh again. Goddamn! I love week-old casserole!

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Yoshi Macbook Decal Desperately Wants To Eat Your Apple

You know how Yoshi loves his apples. So it’s no surprise that he couldn’t resist such a shiny fruit as the Apple logo itself. This Yoshi Macbook decal is available from LapTatt, and it’s a great way to build-up even more geek cred, if you care about that sort of thing. Link [via]

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Wall Decal Reveals the Hamster That Powers Your Home

Please… please mister, turn off the lights and unplug your sockets… I just… I just can’t go on. This carrot looks less and less appetizing with every step. It’s just not worth it… oh God….. Do it for him. Turn off your gadgets when you leave the room. Save yourself some cash and save your wall hamster from exhaustion. For ...

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Asteroids Wall Decals

OK, look, I know I was just saying how much of a futuristic geek I am, but it seems I’m more stuck in my retro roots than I originally thought. All the proof I needed was the boner I got when I saw these awesome Asteroids Wall Decals. I remember first jamming out to Asteroids on a vintage Atari 2600 ...

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Super Mario Bros. Wall Decals

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you’re bound to fall in love with these wall decals from Bilk. Splat ’em on your wall and you’ll have a retro 8-bit Nintendo scene re-enacted right in front of you. You’ll find a Donkey Kong sticker pack in addition to both the original SMB and an “updated” SMB set. They all look ...

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Pimp (and Animate) My Ride

  Bring the world of anime to your car with these new Itasha anime-themed Spots Cars. Itasha, which literally means “painful car”, are Japanese sports cars which have remained as a relative no name nationwide. These anime cars are sure to get some notice around the geek community. Itasha cars are known for their decals and paint jobs featuring anime, ...

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