DIY Submarine – Yes, You Read That Correctly

The Chinese are incredibly smart and tactile. My roommate must be the one exception to the rule, though. I went to brush my teeth the other day and found him building a server rack inside our shower. After some frustration, I skipped that and went straight for the coffee. Sure enough, the coffee maker was rigged with an Arduino and a USB plug. What a commie!

But when it comes to DIY, the Chinese dont fuck around – except for my roommate. I mean look at this dude. He made a one-man submarine from old metal barrels. Who does that? His new pad includes oxygen supply, headlights, monitoring cameras and a TV set. All it needs now is a mini-fridge and a bong for it to become the underwater dorm room.


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  1. I give that man 2 thumbs up for building it at a 5th grade education level. great post.

  2. I give him credit for trying anything from just an idea. Way too many people would not even try. They have so over educated themselves that they reason completly out of try something out of the norm.

  3. The Japanese used to make a kamakazi human guided torpedo; this reminds me of that. Actually this reminds me of several other things that are completely unrelated.

    So with this device, I guess he can smuggle in… about 50 people at $1200 a head? Very clever!

  4. Amazing, I wish he lived nearby. Such talent and ingenuity are greatly needed in these apocalyptic moments through which we tread. Hopefully he inspires those qualities in others!

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