DIY: Solar Theremin Altoids Case

The world’s first electronic musical instrument is revived with this DIY from With just a little soldering, you’ll be on your way to playing high pitched tunes in the sun. That’s right, this theremin is solar-powered. Sorry, no late nights playing this thing. It’s easy to play, as well; just casting a shadow over the panel with your hand will allow you to play a theremin-like melody. Tilting and angling the theremin’s relation to the sun will alter the note.

For just $23.35, you can purchase the kit along with an empty Altoids case that you were too lazy to buy and put one together yourself. Alternatively, you can get the $19.45 kit and design your own cool case that everyone will envy.
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  1. The tins aren’t empty. Mints included 🙂

  2. prety cool – but this is cooler

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