DIY: Motherboard PCB Bracelet


Who doesn’t love using their old computer parts in productive ways? This DIY project is a good way to strut your geek spirit. For those of you into wearing your geekary on your sleeve, you can make yourself a bracelet out of your old motherboard PCB.

To make this you’ll need a drill and drill bits, a hacksaw, a file, pliers, and the very important, dust mask, as to not permanently damage your respiratory system for a cheap ass accessory. You’ll also need some wiring and of course, an old motherboard. Even if you don’t want to wear it, you can give it to one of the geek women in your life, if you have any. — Andrew Dobrow


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  2. Realtek audio FTW! 😉

  3. thats neat,, but remember that the shiny pointy bits on the underside are lead (poison) unless they are100% tin which is possible with mass production stuff.. but still dont want lead rubbign u all day.. right ?

  4. I LOVE THIS>> Really want to make one.. Is there any parts that I should not use?

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