DIY Mac Laptop AC Adaptor Extension


I love my Macs and I’m sure you feel the same if you own one. In fact, I’m writing this post on my Macbook right now! However, Apple has really fucked up the AC adaptor that comes with the laptops it manufactures. I’m not talking about Magsafe, ’cause that shit is great. I’m referring to the fact that if you want a cord longer than Scott Baio’s dick, you have to add on a bulky attachment. The cord is so thick, that it usually doesn’t fit in standard laptop bags.

Enter Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools. The boys over there discovered that a Sony Playstation power cable fits perfectly into the slot and keeps the load light. It wraps up easier than a jimmy hat and lets you leave your official Apple cord plugged in at home, meaning the convenience factor also makes this a bitchin’ find. Give it a shot if your laptop bag is low on space.


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  1. It is not dangerous way ?

  2. Just a tip to anyone doing this, the rectangular edge needs to be rounded off in order to fit into the adaptor

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