DIY Guitar Picks

These homemade guitar picks from Flickr member Aud1073cH are pretty badass. With designs ranging from Mount Rushmore to the Toshiba and Paramount logos, one wonders how he created these…

Handmade guitar picks. Most are made from old plastic cards (gift cards, credit cards, hotel room keys, etc.) Other materials are cardboard, “Handi Snacks” stick, CD, Toshiba laptop, and plastic packaging.

There you have it. I wonder if the cardboard-based picks even work?

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  1. Yes and no. The cardboard ones work, but only for a short while. They have a mellow sound, less of the plastic “click” off the strings than a regular pick.

    The Toshiba picks last a long time. They are made from the metal body of actual laptops that I cut up.

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