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KAWS x John Mayer Guitar Picks

Looks like artist KAWS is up to his dirty tricks again. And by dirty tricks, I mean creative works of art. This time around, it’s a set of uniquely designed guitar picks that were made in collaboration with guitarist John Mayer. Each pick is signed and dated by both KAWS and Mayer and won’t be available to the general public. ...

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The Last HOPE: Methods of Copying High Security Keys

The Netherlands-based locksporting group Toool held a panel at HOPE discussing new and advanced opening techniques for high security locks. We sat in on this two hour discussion with Barry Wels and Han Fey commenting on some unorthodox approaches to key copying. The speakers mentioned how easy it is to copy even the most exclusive of key profiles, which in ...

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DIY Guitar Picks

These homemade guitar picks from Flickr member Aud1073cH are pretty badass. With designs ranging from Mount Rushmore to the Toshiba and Paramount logos, one wonders how he created these… Handmade guitar picks. Most are made from old plastic cards (gift cards, credit cards, hotel room keys, etc.) Other materials are cardboard, “Handi Snacks” stick, CD, Toshiba laptop, and plastic packaging. ...

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DIY: Make Plastic Guitar Picks Out Of Discarded Credit Cards

Here’s an example of how to reuse your old crap that has absolutely no other use. If you spend time jamming out on the guitar, and are as absent minded about guitar picks as I am, than you more than likely need to go out weekly to pick up a new pack of strumming tools. This simple project will at ...

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