DIY: Deep Fryer PC


Fast food is an American pastime. The old golden arches of McDonalds are one of the most well known logos worldwide. The media in recent years has created a hoopla about the amount of calories and fats in fast food meals. Though, there is no denying that regardless of bad press, fried food is part of our lives. Using another one of our most commonly used objects, SupersizedMeals presents their Deep Fryer PC hybrid.

Sure, it might be meaningless for productivity, but culturally, it poses as a walking caricature for modern times. The deep fryer is actually heated using the heat emitted from the CPU. So all you’ve gotta do is play a memory intensive game, cook up the burgers on the MP3 Grill, and enjoy your dinner. Though, we don’t think we’d be much for metallic flavored french fries.


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