Dell’s $300M Fund And Dropbox Storage Deal!

Dell has announced the launch of their $300 million fund to be utilized for “Strategic Innovation” to invest in start up businesses with a focus in storage, next-generation data-center technology and mobile technology.


This investment fund announcement came shortly after Dell announced their global sales deal with Dropbox. So what does this signal for Dell? A shift in their focus to providing storage opportunities for their users.

The partnership between Dell and Dropbox resulted in Dell announcing that they will be offering Dropbox for Business users to their clients. Additionally, Dell will be pre-installing Dropbox on a number of their Dell machines. Dell also plans to begin integrating Dropbox for Business into Dell Data Protection solutions.

These new efforts are an indication that Dell is attempting to become more than just a computer developer, rather, they intend to create a reputation for themselves as a provider of enterprise services.

This investment fund from Dell isn’t a first for the large tech company, last year Dell invested $60 million in a Fluid Data Storage fund that was to be invested in promising storage start-up opportunities.

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