Huge Sounds, Little Speaker

Have you ever heard to the amazing sounds from a speaker as big as your work desk? What about a speaker that looks like a window or perhaps a small oven that’s in your home? Ever wondered how a vibrating speaker functions? Take a look at the little mobile speaker called Nanobeat!

Nanobeat makes it possible to make any rough area into a powerful music cinema. All you need to do is connect a music device like a CD player, mobile phone, or other portable device into the speakers by connecting a wire or don’t use wires by using Bluetooth to start having a good time listening to the great music. This speaker will give many hours of timeless fun (about 6 hours!) in between charging it thanks to its internal Lithium battery that you can charge over and over again! If you want to charge the speaker it uses a small USB plug-in port. It brags a strong ten watts that is larger than what you can find in many other resembling speakers like the Mighty Dwarf. The size is a bit bigger than other styles, but can still with ease put into a small space like your pocket. Nanobeat is definitely going to be a big deal and give you and your pals a lot of fun.


Once connected with Bluetooth or plugged in with a wire, the speaker can be manipulated from your portable device. You can also use the playback control panel that is on the side of the speaker that has a pause and play, Bluetooth on and off, and sound up and down options, and a way to turn the device on and off. It also has an internal 3.5mm stereo plug if you desire listening with headphones.

The Nanobeat is a circular style and the body gets longer by turning open the top to show the inside. The bottom of the speaker has a sticky place where you can take off the cover and put the speaker on a flat area to make it so it doesn’t move. Not to worry; the sticky area doesn’t leave any stains. Depending on the area, the sound level and quality will obviously differ. At the highest volume, the Nanobeat can almost be ear piercing. Just use the sticky bottom of the speaker to see which types of furniture, appliances and other surfaces works best!

So how does a vibrating speaker like the Nanobeat function? A normal speaker has many parts that you can see in the frame, the diaphragm, and the dust cap. The normal speaker that we are used to was invented in the twenties and has a magnetic field to vibrate a coil or magnet that is involved with a diaphragm. While there are other styles and types of loudspeakers, the vibrating speaker functions much differently.

We don’t want to get too technical, but the technology is coming from Magnetostriction. In general, this means that specific materials alter their shape while under the affect of an outside magnetic influence. These parts are in essence alloys like terbium and dysprosium and pure iron. These altercations occur so rapidly that it looks as if to vibrate. This happens because the metals change electrical power into kinetic energy extremely rapidly. Kinetic power makes things move. By using kinetic energy given by a magnetostrictive core causes the bottom of the speaker move rapidly. When you put the moving speaker onto a hard surface like a table, this power makes the air around it vibrate and makes a really big sound that goes in all directions in the vicinity of the vibrating speaker. Due to the way of how vibrating speakers function, they are also called omnidirectional speakers.

It is the way they work well that permits a little vibrating speaker like the Nanobeat to make sound that seems amazingly big in comparison to the size of the speaker.

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