Custom World Of Warcraft Figurines Bring Your Toon To Life


After spending weeks of your life signed on to World of Warcraft (or Warcrack as we like to call it) you’d like something to show for it. FigurePrints has a service that allows you to replicate your character with a actual plaque figurine.

Through a partnership with Blizzard, FigurePrints uses 3D scanning technology to create a life-like creation of your character, complete with a name plate for identiffication purposes (which makes it much easier to identify the mangled body of a lost soul is Azeroth). — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. i want to make a person on world of warcraft

  2. These are nice and all, but don’t you think the ones by DC are so much better? Look at the poses and detail!

    See the Draenei Paladin:

  3. FigurePrint’s site is a pain and they act like it’s a very exclusive privilege to allow them to take your money. I’d rather deal with another company, to be honest.

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