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World of Warcraft Truffles Satisfy Your Geek Tooth

I don’t know about you guys, but when I have a hankering, there’s a considerable shortage of easily available foods that will satisfy my geek tooth. The Bacon AT-AT is long gone and all of my cupcakes have been successfully shot at people’s faces with a cannon. So, alas, it’s time again to throw on the ole apron and get ...

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New Olympic Event: WoW Treadmill Race

You don’t have to look far to find acts of extreme dorkiness on the internet. The folks of Mana Energy Potion have hooked up treadmills to their PCs, indirectly promoting a new Olympic event, one that all gamers can appreciate regardless of athletic finesse. The event I speak of is of course the Azeroth cross country track competition. One virtual ...

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Custom World Of Warcraft Figurines Bring Your Toon To Life

After spending weeks of your life signed on to World of Warcraft (or Warcrack as we like to call it) you’d like something to show for it. FigurePrints has a service that allows you to replicate your character with a actual plaque figurine. Through a partnership with Blizzard, FigurePrints uses 3D scanning technology to create a life-like creation of your ...

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