Coaster Dynamix Roller Coaster Kits

Before you pop enough wood to start a paper mill, you should know that these are scale models of roller coasters. At 1:48 scale, they’re no tiny LEGO bricks. This is a real, working roller coaster that uses gravity to fling it left and right, up and down. Shown above is the Dragon, a $500 model that has an electric geared lift and enough seats to make all your Mighty Max action figures barf.

Each kit comes with extra parts and is expandable, meaning you could spend some serious time and money building a bunch of tiny coasters in your living room. Anyone wanna guess why the above photo was taken on a beach? I’m clueless and my head hurts.

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  1. “Anyone wanna guess why the above photo was taken on a beach?”

    Perhaps the builder is homeless after spending that half grand and got kicked out by his shocked wife and doesn’t have a lounge room to display it in?

  2. This is one of the coolist rollercoasters evr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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