Classic Looks: Carrera Vintage Racing Sunglasses


You’re the man now, dog. You don’t even know what a recession is. Shit, recession isn’t even in your fucking vocabulary. After all, that is a nice LP 650-4 Roadster you just picked up. How many hundreds of thousands did you drop on that again? Right.

Well do me a favor. If you’re going to be driving around in a fashionable car, you’re going to need a pair of fashionable sunglasses. Give Carrera’s new vintage line a spin. These shades are inspired by classic 1950s looks combined with the raw edge of the 1980s (read: cocaine trafficking), making them incredibly sleek looking. I’m sure if Steve McQueen were alive today, he’d certainly be rocking these at lunch. Get your own at Bloomingdale’s or Solstice, with prices ranging from $120-$150.


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