20 Best Rabbit Alternatives for Watching Movies in 2021

Rabbit Alternatives

Since the pandemic, it’s been quite difficult to go to have a good movie night with your friends. People were using Rabbit for this, but since it’s been facing issues with funding everyone’s forced to find alternatives for it. Lucky for you we have curated the best rabbit alternatives so that you can go back to watching films with your ...

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15 Best Backpage Alternative Websites In 2024 [Updated]


Nowadays, when we want to buy or sell something second-hand online, many of us turn to the Facebook marketplace or eBay. But back in the day, people worldwide turned to Backpage to buy and sell products.  What is Backpage? Backpage was a very popular classified website because it was completely free to use. It allowed people to buy and sell ...

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Top 6 Facebook Video Downloader Softwares

Facebook Video Downloader Softwares

There are a lot of reasons to be on social networking sites, one of them being amazing content that is churned out daily. Facebook is one of the main ones. It has millions of users all around the world. A website that started as a way to keep in touch with our friends has now become a source of a ...

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Tech Milestones in the Online Gambling Sector


The online gambling sector sprung up in October 1994, when the Liechtenstein International Lottery began selling tickets to their lotto draws over the internet. That same month, the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda passed into law its Free Trade and Processing Act, becoming the world’s initial licensor of betting sites. Following that occurrence, the Isle of Man company Microgaming ...

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15 Best Random Video Chat Apps To Talk To Strangers In 2021

Best Random Video Chat Apps

Are you somebody who loves to chat with strangers and connect with them? If yes, we have something for you. There are many chatting apps available but knowing which one is the best is difficult. Worry not, we have curated a list of the 15 best random video chat apps for you to get chatting with strangers in 2021.  You ...

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15 Best Rainierland Alternatives for Watching Movies, & TV Shows Online in 2021

Rainierland Alternatives

There is nothing more depressing than your favorite movie site shutting down. Rainierland free movies were a go-to for many during the pandemic and otherwise. Online streaming gives you the flexibility to watch content according to your whims and fancies. Switch between series at any time. Watching movies and tv shows on sites like Rainierland exposes you to great content ...

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What Happened to Mangastream – 18 Best MangaStream Alternatives Websites

MangaStream Alternatives

What happened to Mangastream? Mangastream has gained a lot of popularity over the years, thanks to Manga, the Japanese art form of cartooning that has been slowly but surely getting a lot of appreciation around the world. But, unfortunately, Mangastream didn’t last for too long and now we have the various mangastream alternatives that give us a broad range of ...

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15 CouchTuner Alternatives That are Working & Safe for Watching Movies in 2024

CouchTuner Alternatives

There have been many websites that let us stream movies for free. But each of them rose and fell for various reasons, CouchTuner being one of them. Even though Couchtuner fell, there are various Couchtuner alternatives that you can test out which might be surprising as they offer some of the best video content. To our surprise, these couchtuner alternatives ...

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