Darkness on the Cheap

At five dollars for 99 pieces of the Darkest Classical Music ever written, it's easy to get into a symphonically nasty post-holiday funk.

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This Flute Is Fab

With a fabbed flute, we see emergence at its natal stage; the imperfect copy of the old instrument is a promising harbinger of the novel sounds to come.

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Scintillating Evergreen

At the Atlantic, Alexis Madrigal tells how the Christmas tree helped to domesticate the terrifying energies of electricity around the turn of the last century.

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James Burke, Prince of Serendip

James Burke is the Carl Sagan of Serendipity. Now his Connections series, which tells technology's history as a record of sagacious discovery, is available for free viewing. Video after the jump.

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The Wall

The graffiti artist MadC's massive, tour-de-force narrative painting recounts a trip through her own inventive, techno-dystopian mind.

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Opposites are complementary

The coats of arms of famous scientists�some inherited, some invented by their famous holders�have something to tell us about change and continuity in the symbolism of power and authority.

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