Gearfuse Almanac: January 12 in Science and Technology

In 1908, the first long-distance radio transmission was sent from the Eiffel Tower. Never intended as a permanent strcuture, the tower’s importance as a radio transmitter likely saved it from demolition; in the First World War, it was used to jam German radio during the Battle of the Marne.

That first radio transmission was telegraphic, most likely in Morse code—but it’s nice to imagine it was a broadcast of Claire de lune, which Debussey published in 1905. Play the Hotel Commodore Ensemble’s 1927 recording below while watching the Lumière brothers’ 1899 movie to triangulate the spirit of the age.

Debussey recording via; Lumière brothers’ film via YouTube. Gearfuse Almanac items are verified fitfully.

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