Can You Find Out Whether Someone Put a GPS Tracker on Your Vehicle?

Hidden GPS tracker

Nowadays, technology is so advanced and so small that virtually everything is possible. This includes people placing a GPS tracker on your vehicle without you even being aware of it. These trackers are often as small as a pack of cigarettes, and some are even as small as a coin. If you have a large vehicle, it might be very difficult to find out whether or not someone is tracking you. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do.

Different Types of GPS Trackers

First of all, you have to be aware of the two different types of tracking devices that may have been placed on your car. Those are:

  1. The GPS logger, which is a passive device that does not tell anyone your location in real time. It means that if somebody placed this on your vehicle, they will have to remove it before they are able to see where you have been. These devices can be incredibly tiny comma with some of them being only 1½” by 1½” in size.
  2. The GPS tracker, which is an active device. This means it will provide whoever is monitoring the device with real-time locations of where you are. Usually, it is linked to a website through which your movements can be seen. These types of trackers can simply be placed on your vehicle and left there comma although they do have a limited battery life, usually of around 30 days.

There is a reason why you need to know the difference between these two truckers. A logger can only be found in a manual way, which means you have to actually look for it. This is because these devices do not send a live signal, instead storing data on its internal memory. If you think someone may have placed a logger on your vehicle, it is likely to be underneath your car. Often, it will be placed in a magnetic case that simply sticks itself to the bottom of your car, which is likely to be metal. Do also check the trunk, underneath your spare tyre, your centre console, and your glove box.

If you think somebody has placed a tracker on your vehicle, then you should start with a manual search. Again, check underneath your car, in the trunk, and in the glovebox. However, trackers tend to be quite a lot larger than loggers due to the fact that they need a battery that lasts at least 30 days. Additionally, you can use a GPS detector in order to find them.  GPS detector is a simple device  enables you to sweep your car period it will send an alert, usually an audible signal, whenever it detects something. Most also come with a sensitivity setting, which means that if a tracker is found, you can be guided to its exact location by increasing the sensitivity. Do be aware, however, that a GPS detector will also detect your cellphone if you have switched the GPS on. Hence, make sure that your cellphone is not near your vehicle at a time of your sweet.

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