Bubblers: An Overview of the Best Portable Pipes for Stoners

There are many ways to get stoned, but if you’re looking for something fast and efficient, glass pipes are a great option. Glass is also unique because of the thermal resistance capacity of the material, which can stand the heat for a long time.

The bubblers are like a bong and a pipe combined in one form. It’s usually small in size, 3-4 inches, portable, and easy to use, but it’s still large enough to pack in some serious hits. Additionally, its water filtration ability means that it’s less harsh on your throat than other methods, making it ideal for anyone who wants an easy way to enjoy their herbs without sacrificing quality or taste. They are a great portable alternative to your traditional bong.

They are just as easy to use as traditional bongs. Simply add water to your device and your favorite herb, then light up and inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece at the top.

Unlike traditional bongs, which require extra room to hold and position to compensate for their height, they let you sit comfortably while still allowing you to experience all the benefits of a big hit from your favorite herb, 

Good Filters

A short pipe does not have a complex structure, making it easy for beginners to understand the capacity of their lungs and inhale according to it. 

If you want to increase your capacity for dragging, you can attach a percolator. The series percolator of chambers and holes allow the water to filter through the smoke multiple times before it hits your mouthpiece. The water cools down the smoke, allowing you to inhale more of it into your lungs.

This also means that you get more of a “hit” from each puff than other methods of smoking cannabis which can be especially helpful when you’re trying to treat an illness or condition like chronic pain or insomnia.

Several Types of Bubblers


If you’re looking for a pipe to smoke that is both unique and durable, the hammer-headed pipe is a perfect choice.

With its unique shape, it’s easy to see why this pipe has become so popular. The hammer-shaped smoke pipe is made from strong borosilicate glass and has a long handle and huge head that provides plenty of room for creating more smoke.


These types of bubblers are designed to hold the piece in the mouth like you hold a cigar. They are usually available in 3-5″ size smaller than the other types, making them comfortable and handy.

Double Tankers

This type gives the smoothest hit possible with two water bulbs and percolators. The only drawback considered in this type of device is that it is hard to hold in the mouth with the added weight of the extra water bulb. The additional features make the cleaning process complicated also.


You’ll love how this unique pipe allows you to smoke without getting your hands dirty or worrying about how much ash is falling into your mouth. As an additional benefit, it is also easier to carry it around as it fits discreetly and safely into your bag or pouch. 

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